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RFF ON THE ISSUES: State park funding options; Emissions regulations challenged

In this edition: An analysis of the funding methods used to support public parks Expert commentary on the effects of EPA’s emissions regulations on coal plants State Park Funding Options                                                Connecticut Governor […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: China’s renewable goals; Disclosing energy use in buildings

In this edition: RFF hosts the US release of a report on China’s renewable energy strategies New research on utility bill savings from municipal energy disclosure laws Note: Registration is still open for Looking Ahead toward Paris: International Perspectives on National Commitments, a policy dialogue hosted by RFF, the Embassy of Sweden, and Mistra Indigo, […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Flood insurance rates increase; US and international climate commitments

In this edition: An option for making flood insurance affordable An upcoming event on international climate commitments, in advance of Paris Flood Insurance Rates Increase On April 1, rates under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) increased in an effort to “align the cost of insurance with the actual flood risk.” Although many homeowners saw […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Charging for coal’s carbon; Paris driving restrictions

In this edition: New research on the legal and economic cases for federal coal carbon pricing Analysis on the effects of policy options to reduce traffic congestion and pollution NOTE: Registration is still open for Wednesday’s seminar on the future of Arctic oil development, hosted by RFF and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: BLM fracking regulations; Energy efficiency in buildings; European emissions fall

In this edition: Comments on BLM’s new fracking regulations Improving energy efficiency in buildings A policy option for the EU Emissions Trading System BLM Fracking Regulations The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently released the “first federal fracking rules” since the US shale boom began. The rules apply to oil and gas producers who drill […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Arctic drilling plans; Flood mitigation efforts

In this edition: An upcoming RFF First Wednesday Seminar on offshore energy leasing in the Arctic RFF climate research featured as part of the US Climate Resilience Toolkit Arctic Drilling Plans                                                 […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Colorado task force recommendations; Fossil fuel investment risks

In this edition: Commentary on proposed changes to Colorado’s hydraulic fracturing practices Recommendations for reducing financial risk through climate investments Colorado Task Force Recommendations The Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force created to “resolve land-use conflicts” between residents and oil and gas companies has submitted nine recommendations to the state’s governor. The group supported changes […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Nuclear fleet costs; Climate geoengineering options

In this edition: Insight into the costs associated with operating nuclear utility fleets Commentary on the importance of studying climate modification techniques Nuclear Fleet Costs A bipartisan group of Illinois lawmakers, with the support of power company Exelon and others, recently rolled out legislation that would reward power generators “for producing environmentally friendly electricity.” Exelon […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Satellite climate data; Arctic drilling approval

In this edition: How using satellites can help reduce uncertainty about climate change A look at the president’s arctic drilling plans Satellite Climate Data NASA is contemplating a series of space-based Earth observation and monitoring equipment worth several billion dollars, prompting speculation on the “approximate dollar sign on the information that would come from a state-of-the-art […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Geoengineering; Hispanics’ views on climate; Climate mitigation payments

In this edition: An upcoming RFF event on geoengineering New results from the New York Times/RFF/Stanford University poll: Hispanics’ views on climate A discussion on the willingness of individuals to pay for climate mitigation measures Geoengineering Last week, the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released two assessments of techniques for managing climate change, including […]