Welcome to Common Resources, the Resources for the Future blog. In this space we bring you the highlights of RFF’s research, along with new, policy-relevant insights and debates. Common Resources inherits the mantle of RFF’s previous climate policy blog, Weathervane, but now covers all of the environmental, resource, and policy economics research areas at RFF.

Some of what you see on Common Resources will be familiar: RFF podcasts and webcasts, features and abstracts of new RFF discussion papers — all collected in one place. But it has its own content as well: original blog posts from the roster of RFF scholars (and some of our friends) on their research topics, policy debates, or whatever they find interesting.  Think of it as a peek into the conversations we have every day at our office doors.

All of our posts on Common Resources are open to comments (though they are moderated). The blog is for you, the consumers of our research, whether you’re an important policymaker, an interested amateur looking for something to read over breakfast, or anything in between.

Your managing editor,

Pete Nelson

Resources for the Future is an independent, nonpartisan organization that conducts economic research and analysis to help leaders make better decisions and craft smarter policies about natural resources and the environment.