Sourcing the Future of Wood Bioenergy

Some of the biggest bioenergy debates stem from a “food or fuel” problem, where agricultural lands have been devoted to growing grain as inputs for biofuels, at the cost of food production. According to a study by Searchinger et. al. of corn-based ethanol production, the large scale substitution  of corn ethanol over traditional fossil fuels […]

Video: Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment

Video is now available for RFF’s recent seminar “Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment: Perspectives on the Next 10 Years,” part of the Resources 2020 series. Hear panelists discuss the widespread use of genetically modified (GM) crops and the regulatory debate over the labeling of GM foods.

Experts Explore Challenges in Offset Market Design

As the American Clean Energy and Security Act makes its way through the House Agriculture and Ways and Means Committees, offsets continue to crop up as a major point of contention. While understanding of offset markets matures, RFF continues to identify and address important economic and logistical issues of concern. Last month, RFF hosted a […]