This Week in the RFF Library Blog

Each week, I review the papers, studies, reports, and briefings posted over at the RFF Library Blog. America’s Unconventional Energy Opportunity: A Win-Win Plan for the Economy, the Environment, and a Lower-Carbon, Cleaner-Energy Future [Oil and Gas Journal] Unconventional oil and gas presents perhaps the single largest opportunity to improve the trajectory of the US economy, according […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Highway Trust Fund standoff; Papal call for climate action

NOTE: RFF on the Issues will be published intermittently for the remainder of the summer. In this edition: Insight into the funding needs of US highway infrastructure projects Commentary on addressing countries’ welfare disparities during climate negotiations Highway Trust Fund Standoff Congress has yet to reach an agreement on how to finance the Highway Trust […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Comparing climate pledges; Call for a carbon tax

In this edition: Commentary on comparing countries’ targets at the upcoming Paris climate talks A collection of RFF research on the impacts of a potential US carbon tax Comparing Climate Pledges                                               Group […]

This Week in the RFF Library Blog

Each week, I review the papers, studies, reports, and briefings posted over at the RFF Library Blog. Evaluating Taboo Trade-offs in Ecosystems Services and Human Well-being Managing ecosystems for multiple ecosystem services and balancing the well-being of diverse stakeholders involves different kinds of trade-offs. Often trade-offs involve noneconomic and difficult-to-evaluate values, such as cultural identity, […]

Resources Magazine: Complying with EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Options for States

This post is an excerpt of our recent article in Resources magazine. Power plants are responsible for more than one-third of greenhouse gas emissions and a slightly higher share of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States. On June 2, 2014, in a landmark step toward a national climate policy, the US Environmental Protection […]

Resources Magazine: A View of the Environmental Policy Landscape from Outside the Beltway: An Interview with Paul Portney

In 2005, former RFF president and senior fellow Paul Portney ended his 33-year stint at RFF and headed west to become the dean of the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. In a recent interview I conducted for Resources magazine, he discussed how this move changed his perspective on environmental policymaking and […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: EPA’s report on fracking and drinking water; Wood emissions

In this edition: Issues with EPA’s new report on fracking and drinking water Commentary on the environmental impacts of wood bioenergy EPA’s Report on Fracking and Drinking Water Last week, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a draft study finding “that hydraulic fracturing has no major impact on drinking water.” RFF’s Alan Krupnick and […]

Resources Magazine: Pits versus Tanks: Comparing Storage Methods for Fluids Used in Fracking

The extraction of shale gas using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) requires the use
 and storage of large amounts of freshwater, fracking fluids and flowback, and “produced water”—a highly salinized combination of water and chemicals that exists in shale formations and is forced
out of the ground as a by-product of gas extraction. Except for the freshwater, these […]

New Issue of Resources Magazine: On the Frontiers of Climate Policy

For more than 60 years, experts at RFF have been analyzing the economic impacts of environmental policies. This year, in particular, we are engaged on the frontiers of several important climate-related policy decisions at the regional, national, and international levels. One conversation under way is focused on the significant commercial developments in the US Arctic, from […]

RFF ON THE ISSUES: North American energy and climate policy; Park funding legislation stalls

In this edition: Insight into opportunities for North American energy and climate partnerships A roundup of RFF research on assessing and funding US parks North American Energy and Climate Policy                 Energy ministers from the United States, Canada, and Mexico have established a working group designed to “enhance […]